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Together, Building People


4Life believes in building people through Science, Success, and Service. So, no matter what you're looking for fantastic health, unrivaled time and financial freedom, or the chance to truly make a difference in the world with 4Life, you're in great company.


4Life is dedicated to building people through Science, Success, and Service. For 10 years, our advancements in Transferceutical Science and dynamite compensation plan have served our distributors success. Experience 4Life's products and unbeatable compensation plan today to discover for yourself what 4Life can do for you.


4Life believes in having leaders worth following. We have an impressive history of industry experience yet all that experience boils down to one core belief. 4Life executives know the most vital service they can provide is honorable leadership that fosters potential in others.


From the very beginning, 4Life has been redefining boundaries. Our pursuits in Transferceutical Science have led to one surprising discovery, innovation, and patent after another. And our early success positioned us to introduce 4Life Transfer Factor and the Life Rewards Plan to the globe. Today, 4Life is Together, Building People in more than 60 countries.


Transfer factor molecules form the core of your immune system's intelligence. Unlike vitamins or minerals that simply boost the immune system, transfer factors boost, instruct, and balance. When it comes to Transferceutical technology the science of extraction, delivery, testing, and innovation of transfer factor and nanofraction molecules 4Life is a bona fide category creator, and we don't plan on stepping down.


4Life was the first company to license the rights to the patented extraction of transfer factors from cow colostrum, but we didn't stop there. We now hold two exclusive patents: The extraction process for transfer factors from chicken egg yolks (6,468,534) and exclusive manufacturing techniques (6,866,868). Introducing transfer factors to the world through network marketing would have been enough for most companies. But not 4Life. We were just getting started:


Long thought to have no immune activity, 4Life has pioneered the research and study of nanofraction molecules, which are low-weight immune molecules that instruct the immune system. Through patent-pending technology, 4Life scientists have extracted nanofractions from cow colostrum to make NanoFactor extract.