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Targeted Transfer Factor products blend the immune-boosting power of 4Life Transfer Factor with meticulously researched, system-specific nutrients, delivering tailored and personalized health support.

Why 4Life Targeted Transfer Factors?

Our products have garnered awards for a reason. At 4Life Research, research is not just in our name, it's our core. We excel in innovation. When you invest in 4Life products, you're investing in the culmination of extensive research and discovery spanning years. Within our state-of-the-art laboratory, equipped with cutting-edge technology, a team of top-tier scientists diligently formulates and refines our offerings. Every product undergoes rigorous testing, hundreds of checks to guarantee both effectiveness and quality. Moreover, numerous products boast patents and validation from third-party entities.

Targeted Transfer Factor products provide tailored assistance for specific bodily systems. These specialized products also feature our exclusive 4Life Transfer Factor®, aiding your immune system in identifying, responding to, and retaining information about potential health risks. From promoting heart health to enhancing metabolism and supporting cognitive function, our Targeted Transfer Factor lineup offers solutions for various health needs!

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Your skin, the body's largest organ and frontline defender of the immune system, deserves some extra care. Treat it right with 4Life Transfer Factor® Collagen!*Rediscover youthfulness, not just in spirit but in appearance too, with 4Life Transfer Factor Collagen. This comprehensive age-defying powder supplement incorporates five varieties of collagen to promote healthy joints, muscles, hair, and skin. Enriched with 4Life Transfer Factor®, it empowers and educates the immune system. Moreover, it contains essential nutrients like Vitamins A, C, and E, biotin, and antioxidants. Additionally, an Age-Defying Plant Complex is included to enhance skin moisture, tone, and elasticity, while reducing the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles. Independent studies reveal that mixing just one delightful strawberry-mango powder packet with 8 oz. of your preferred beverage daily can yield noticeable results in as little as 42 days! Simply take one packet per day.

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